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School Information

School Information

Welcome to Emily Brittain Community Partnership and Demonstration School, one of six elementary schools in the Butler Area School District. Thank you for using our school webpage to learn more about our school and our programming. It is our goal at Emily Brittain, to provide our students with dynamic learning opportunities, so that all students can acquire the skills and learning experiences required to become successful. Through the collaboration of teachers, parents, students, members of the school board, and central office administration, we have created a team-centered approach that works toward the success for every child!


Emily Brittain Elementary School currently serves approximately 260 students in kindergarten through fourth grade. We are located at in the city of Butler, close to Main Street and the Middle School. This is a walking community, with sidewalks, restaurants, a grocery store, and shopping all within a few blocks.


At Emily Brittain, teaching our students how to become successful readers is a top priority. Our staff regularly uses student assessment data to help guide instructional decisions. Our teachers use data from DIBELS, NWEA, PSSA Assessments, curriculum-based assessments, and Phonemic Awareness/Phonics Screeners to help provide grade-level planning teams with current student information. This information is analyzed on a weekly or monthly in order to determine the best course of instructional design for our students. Every day, reading specialists go into each classroom and help to deliver targeted, small group interventions so that students can make marked growth toward specific reading goals. Between the resources offered through our  reading curriculum  and the efforts of our intervention teams, students are finding continued success within the reading process.


Of course, there are several other areas of instructional importance outside of the realm of Reading/Language Arts. At Emily Brittain, our teachers utilize the Everyday Math curriculum to bring high quality, research-based mathematics instruction to our students. This curriculum spirals the various topics of instruction, which results in an increased level of understanding and mastery among the students. And, much like our reading instruction, we use student data to plan for and deliver targeted skills practice based on student needs, on a daily basis within our math classrooms.


We also implement a science curriculum, which promotes the scientific method of problem solving and encourages hands-on exploration of the various scientific topics. There are no textbooks; instead, science kits provide all of the materials needed for a challenging progression of activities and experiments. Every grade-level is responsible for 3 to 4 specific science modules each year. These modules include topics from physical, biological, and earth sciences, and are aligned with Pennsylvania Standards for Science, Technology, Environment and Ecology.


Finally, every grade-level receives specific instruction related to social sciences and history.In the younger grade-levels, students learn about local communities and about how to be a good citizen within a community. As students grow older, instruction goes into more depth of learning specific to our state. 


We utilize several different instructional models including whole-group instruction, co-teaching, small group instruction, computer aided instruction, individual instruction, volunteer supported practice groups, and supervised peer-to-peer practice groups. We do not look at instructional staff in isolation, but rather we feel that all Emily Brittain personnel are responsible for meeting the needs of our students.Therefore, your child will mention teacher names well beyond his or her homeroom teacher. That is because we have support personnel coming in and out of classrooms every day, to assist in our delivery of highly effective instruction. In addition, whenever possible, teachers utilize instructional technology to support curricular goals.This is achieved through various tools including Promethean boards, Smart Boards and netbooks; and through various programs or software such as Study Island, First in Math, or Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint.


Our building has implemented a positive school-wide behavior support system that encourages and reinforces appropriate student choices.  The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is extremely important, and is implemented in all grades, K-4. This program helps reinforce positive choices and appropriate social interactions. Many of our teachers are also trained in Responsive Classroom philosophies and techniques. Responsive Classroom fosters a respectful learning community within our classrooms and helps students to be an active part of the classroom success. We believe that establishing an environment conducive for learning is essential for academic growth to occur.


Parents play an important role in the success of our programs and services. Parents are part of planning teams, serve as volunteers within the classrooms, work on PTO committees to bring numerous opportunities to our students, and work with staff as partners in education. Parents are active participants in IEP and SST meetings; they attend parent-teacher conferences; and they participate in open houses, visitations, and informational meetings.Without the support and participation of parents, our educational process would not be complete.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our programs and services at Emily Brittain School. It is my hope that you have found our programs to be both effective and efficient in meeting student needs. We are extremely proud of our school and likewise extremely aware of our responsibility to educate the children within our school. We take this responsibility seriously, and will continually strive for the success of all children! If you would like to know more about our school, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 724-214-4200.



Cassandra Pencek, Principal